At Tenuta Caseo, our project began with Charmat method sparkling wines that are joyful and approachable, yet exude elegance.

We are lucky as a family to be able to invest in long term projects. Our ultimate goal is to produce excellent Spumante Metodo Classico to enjoy in good company.

With each vintage, we are getting to know every single vineyard, and how the grapes respond to the long maturation required by the Classic or "Champenois" Method.

The trademark of our wines remains consistency, elegance and a drinkability that never disappoints. These are the wines you will always want to have on hand for celebrations, big and small.

The Cellar

The modern cellar carries on the exacting preparation in the vineyard.

The grapes benefit from the gentle handling that only the latest technology can provide to exalt aroma and organoleptic characteristics.

The long method Charmat takes place in pressurized stainless steel tanks for wines with a persistent perlage.

The corridors lined with pupitre, cradle the bottles in hushed darkness as they complete their fermentation and long journey of refinement.