Caseo presents the first wine bottle fashion collection in collaboration with Santé Couture.

Wine and fashion meet in a completely original way thanks to Caseo, the Tommasi Family estate in the Oltrepò Pavese and Santé Couture, an emerging brand from two young designers from Verona. An extraordinary collaboration that ironically challenges gender and consumption norms and brings freshness and innovation to the world of wine and fashion.

Tenuta di Caseo, the Classic Method of the Tommasi Family, in collaboration with Santé Couture, an unconventional fashion brand, presents a capsule collection of clothes in an exclusive limited edition – only a hundred pieces – designed by two Veronese stylists to dress, literally, the three Caseo references. Fashion meets wine in a unique union; this extraordinary synergy blends the intrinsic nonconformism of the two brands with the quality of the bubbles and sartorial excellence. The result is a work of art that breaks the barriers of genre and celebrates the uniqueness of the individual and individual bottles. Each reference of Caseo Metodo Classico, i.e. 410 Chardonnay, 470 Pinot Noir and 530 Pinot Noir Rosé, wears a different dress, specifically designed by Santé Couture to best represent the personality of each wine and enhance the identity of each label.

«Classic only in the method and faithful to tradition and rigorous in the technique only in the vineyard and in the cellar! – states Giancarlo Tommasi, technical director of Tommasi Family Estates – The Oltrepò Pavese is a region to be rediscovered and represents a new market opportunity and for Made in Italy both for the wonderful territory and for the quality of the wines produced, in particular the Pinot Noir. Caseo’s personality is irreverent, unconventional, in some ways irreverent. An unconventional attitude that probes new contexts and is aimed at a young audience. A soul that immerses itself and intertwines fluidly in the world of art, fashion and aesthetics with the aim of dispelling preconceptions and exploring new languages ​​and expressions. With this project we want wine to speak in a contemporary and creative key. Like a Dadaist ready-made, the object is extrapolated from its original context, losing all practical function. “Dressed” wine rises to the level of disseminator of new meanings, values ​​and trends. By wearing Santé Couture creations, Caseo challenges gender norms, supports inclusiveness and self-expression, regardless of prejudice, maintaining his own identity and suggesting original consumption opportunities.”

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Caseo: the “Classic Method” of the Tommasi Family

Tenuta di Caseo is an estate located in the Oltrepò Pavese, the beating heart of Pinot Noir and Classic Method. The property covers 90 hectares of vineyards, in an enchanting context of green hills at high altitudes.

A century-old tradition sees the Tommasi family among the protagonists in the production of great red wines such as Amarone, Brunello and Aglianico del Vulture; in 2013 the decision to discover new oenological heights with the acquisition of Tenuta di Caseo, in the municipality of Colli Verdi, in the Upper Versa Valley and the project to produce Classic Method sparkling wines in an area of ​​the highest quality and where Pinot Noir has the its area of ​​choice. The gaze always turned towards the future, the respect for tradition and the “know-how” that have been handed down for four generations give life to the Classic Method line of the Tommasi family.

Caseo, whose brand identity has recently been subject to restyling, is a young and rebellious winery, which expresses its identity with irony and non-conformism. This spirit is reflected in the three sparkling wines: 530 Pinot Noir Brut Rosé, 470 Pinot Noir Brut, and 410 Chardonnay, names that recall the altitudes of the cultivated vineyards. Three sparkling wines expression of one of the most suitable territories in Italy; Oltrepò Pavese is in fact the third European region for the production of Pinot Noir, among the most important of the Classic Method.

The soils on which the Tenuta di Caseo vineyards are grown are mainly composed of clay with

veins of active limestone, which contribute to guaranteeing a marked minerality to the wines. A terroir, which together with the meticulous work in the cellar and vineyards, ensures these wines a remarkable aging capacity. Production is approximately 6.000/8.000 bottles per type.


The vision of Santé Couture

A Veronese brand that challenges gender norms with tailored fashion: Santé Couture’s mission is to create a genderless clothing line, which allows anyone to feel like themselves by wearing garments that eliminate all forms of discrimination. Anna Michelotto and Mattia Tirapelle, founders and stylists of the brand, explain: «Beauty is universal, it has no gender, and with Santé Couture we aim to challenge the predefined conventions in the world of fashion. “Santé” is a toast to the health of every individual, it is our motto, to give a voice to all those who have none.” Using high fashion fabrics recovered from unused rolls, Santé Couture creates ethical and sustainable creations. Their collection of elegant and androgynous clothing is guided by a concept of beauty that leads towards equality and respect for others through irony and the reinterpretation of fashion in an irreverent key.

Caseo and Santé come together in a dynamic synergy, sharing a lively language that effectively appeals to consumers of all ages. Both share a deep passion for quality, scrupulous attention to detail and a strong commitment to expressing the distinctive messages of their brands, as well as a deep love for Made in Italy.

Innovation, non-conformism and pure essence are the pillars of this extraordinary partnership, which represents a hymn to diversity and purity of self-expression, breaking the rules by fusing winemaking tradition with fashion to celebrate the taste for beauty without limits.

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